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Cabaret is satire, drama, or comedy based stories that are told through song,  when done well with connection and communication it becomes storytelling.


Arianna Taxman, national cabaret artist is back at the Triad with her Broadway Band debuting her new show, ‘Getting There’. Watch as Arianna describes life's trials and tribulations through the world of a Rubik’s Cube. Although you can see your goals and have clear plans one still needs to be flexible to survive the pattern of the spiral. Come survive this fun filled spiral with a blend of sounds from jazz standards, musical theater pieces, opera arias, and yes... of course, some 80's jams. 


 Cheryl Stern 

Coming this summer 2019

The Band

John DiPinto - Music Director

Marc Schmeid- Bass

Ashley Cain - Backup Singer

Taylor James - Backup Singer


Arianna Taxman, ​a rising star, and her Broadway Band are touring ​DISTRACTIONS. Join Arianna on an emotional rollercoaster through the distractions in life that take our concentration away from what really matters. This transformational journey features jazz standards and contemporary pieces, as well as powerhouse musical theater ballads. Arianna’s artistry blends her musical storytelling with a croon reminiscent of Barbra Streisand, the honest humor of Bette Midler, and the quirky wit of a modern Carol Burnett. Opening with the “​Best Is Yet to Come”​, get ready to soar high, dive deep, belly laugh, and maybe shed a tear or two, as the many twists and turns of life help us to say...

”​That’s Life!!”

Writer/Producer/Singer: Arianna Taxman 

Directed By: Cheryl Stern

Music Director: John DiPinto

Upright Bass: Marc Schmeid

Drums: Greg Landes

Ready To Be Loved

Ready To Be Loved premiered June 19th 2016.

When you get right down to it, there are many layers of love. Come see Arianna as she strips away the layers she’s been hiding behind to reveal her authentic self. What makes her finally bare all and stop hiding? Maybe it takes the timeless courage of jazz standards or the excitement of some contemporary musical theater pieces. Take this intimate ride with her to experience a variety of sounds that will thrill you and just might let you feel something you never expected. Get ready to step into Arianna’s worlds of love, and find out what makes her really Ready To Be Loved?

Writer/Producer/Performer: Arianna Taxman

Director: Cheryl Stern

Music Director: John DiPinto

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