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Ross Kenneth Urken


“​Loved the flow of the show, your candor, your beautiful voice. You are a special force, and I am grateful to have witnessed it in this coming out of sorts. I love your style of comedy, but I also dig your chops. Allegro andante​”

Stayce Mayer

 Paradigm Talent Agency

“​With the humor of a modern Mrs. Maisels, Arianna Taxman brings humor & grace to the stage in her one woman show "Distractions". It's every single girls story of finding love in a city set to music. With such memorable songs such as Arthur in the Afternoon,​ Titainum​ you'll forget the original voices behind those tunes once you hear Arianna's vocals​”

Eddie Schnecker

Musical Director/Vocal Coach 

“​Distractions is an incredibly entertaining evening. Arianna Taxman weaves musical styles of many eras into a contemporary story of love, friendship and dating in our social media driven world. In today's society, where we are inundated with stories of anger and sadness, Distractions gives us what we all need, clarity​. “

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